Jackie traveled everywhere--and more--than her husband. She helped a lot of people and promoted the presidency. She traveled to France, India, Pakistan, and many more places.


Jackie was a fashion icon when JFK was in office. With her bright colors, cute hats, and matching bags, many women of all ages looked up to her. She often organized social events, coordinated balls, and invited artists, poets, scientists, and musicians.


Jackie and her children were in the media a lot during her husbands term in office. Right before JFKs campaign started Jackie found out she was pregnant. Her doctor ordered her to stay at home so while John was gone she filmed commercials, interviews, and wrote a weekly article called "Campaign Wife" which was widely popular.

White House

Jackie Kennedy wanted to renovate the White House. She started the touring in the White House because she wanted kids to see the history. She had old artifacts brought in, and even filmed a tour guided by herself and it was showed on national television. Although her efforts were barely noted at the time, it impacted the White House history.